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Ease into white wines with 6 under $10

Ease into white wines with 6 under $10

Surely color has a lot to do with why most people think of white wines as lighter and easier to drink than reds.
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Kids shouldn’t be treated like little adults

Kids aren’t little adults. While the physical differences are obvious, the psychological ones are not, particularly as kids and teens appear more sophisticated than previous generations.

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Tax forms

Kettering man admits to tax fraud scheme

A tax preparation professional in Kettering has admitted to a scheme to defraud people by keeping part of their tax refunds without their knowledge, according to a release from the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation unit.

DDN Thanksgiving Day edition available Wednesday afternoon

An early Thanksgiving Day edition of the Dayton Daily News will be available during the afternoon Wednesday, Nov.

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Johnny Manziel benched by Browns for off-field antics

Johnny Manziel benched by Browns for off-field behavior

Dropped from starter to third-stringer — without playing a game. Johnny Manziel partied his way out of the lineup during Cleveland's bye week.
Browns QB Manziel benched after party video surfaces

Party video benches Manziel as Browns starter

Before he could take over as the full-time starter, Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been benched.

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Chicago Officer Faces Murder Charge in Teen's Shooting Death

Chicago officer charged with murder in killing of black teen

A white Chicago police officer who shot a black teenager 16 times last year was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday, a day before the deadline for the city to release a video of the killing that many people fear could spark unrest.

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Pride Prom 2015 Candy Land

Life-size Candy Land board game to appeal to guests of all ages

Candy Land is a popular game loved by many. Both children and adults enjoy moving the game pieces along the path of a colorful and magical world.
Ringo's original drum kit up for auction

Ringo Starr to auction off Beatles memorabilia

Over the years, Beatles' memorabilia has brought in a significant amount of money at auction houses, and now, Ringo Starr is getting in on the act.

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Local unemployment rate still at historical low

State and local jobless rates in Ohio have plummeted to their lowest levels in decades as more people find jobs, but the driving force behind the historically low rates continues to be the sharp decline in the number of people in the labor force.
CEO declines to address talk of Amazon flying cargo through Wilmington

CEO declines to address talk of Amazon flying cargo through Wilmington

Two of Air Transport Services Groups’ subsidiary airlines are running regular flights through Wilmington Air Park in Clinton County once again, a company official said.

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Life-size Candy Land board game opens in Ohio

Was Candy Land your favorite board game as a kid? If so, you may want to check out the life-size version that opened in Ohio earlier this month.
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Oxford Dictionaries 2015 Word of the Year is not even a word

Oxford Dictionaries announced its 2015 Word of the Year this week, and the choice is a reflection of computer-aided communication.